WannaCry Victims Dominated Windows 7 Users

WannaCry Victims Dominated Windows 7 Users
WannaCry ransomware attacks that had horrendous world, gradually decreased. A number of security researchers are still doing research on the attack.

One of them is done by Kaspersky Lab which has found the victim of most attacks from the malware. Quoted from The Verge, the most infected operating system was originally from Windows 7.

According to Kaspersky data, victims who came from Windows 7 reached 98 percent of the overall casualties. The number includes Windows 7 Home x64 Edition, Windows 7, Windows 7, and Windows 7 x64 Edition users.

While other operating systems that become victims of WannaCry is Windows 2008 R2 Server. Uniquely, the victims of attacks that use Windows XP was not significant, different from the previous guess.

Therefore, this report indirectly successfully emphasizes the small role of XP in WannaCry deployment. In fact, previously suspected this operating system also became one of the factors WannaCry deployment.

On the other hand, the number of victims of attacks from Windows 7 can not be separated from the number of users are still many. Reports say, Windows 7 became the most widely used version with the number of users four times higher than Windows 10 worldwide.

Although not much of a victim, a security researcher named Adrian Guinet has reportedly managed to find a solution for WannaCry locked files.

The man who worked at the Quarsklab security company managed to find the key to unlock encryption in Windows XP.

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