WhatsApp Tumbles, Facebook Boss Apologizes to Users

WhatsApp instant messaging service had experienced disruption of about two hours in several countries. This incident also makes the users of WhatsApp in India, Canada, United States, and Brazil complained in this issue. One of them in the social networking commentary column owned by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Along with the disturbance experienced by WhatsApp, the user was not happy in the comment field Mark Zuckerberg. As Brazilian user Castro De Leo said: "In Brazil we can not use WhatsApp! What's happening?" He said in comments.

Under De Leo's comment, many WhatsApp users complain about similar things. Both from Tunisia, Peru, Zimbabwe, parts of Africa, Bolivia, Egypt, and other countries agree on De Leo's complaint.

This is then responded by the owner of the status.

Mark Zuckerberg replied to the complaints of WhatsApp users around the world as well as apologize to WhatApp users who have used this application as much as 1.2 billion people worldwide.

"We are addressing the issue of WhatsApp in order to re-use it.Up sorry for this inconvenience," said Zuckerberg.

Not only in the comment field Zuckerberg, users also complain about the fall of Whatsapp in social networking microblogging Twitter. Recorded about 1.89 cuitan related disorder WhatsApp echoed on Twitter with the #WhatsApp tag.