Workflow Feature to Present on iOS 11?

iOS 11
Workflow is rumored to be the latest feature to be present in iOS 11. The feature will serve as a 'tool' to sort iPhone-installed apps, which will be unveiled at the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in June.

According to information reported by Redmond Pie via Ubergizmo, this feature will come with an application called Automator. It will also be integrated with iCloud.

Attendance Automator, rumored to change the position of the home menu. However, it is not certain whether Apple will apply the Automator intact on iOS 11 or not.

IOS 11 will be Apple's biggest highlight at WWDC 2017. Apple's main event schedule is to discuss the fate of the operating system and how to develop it becomes more innovative in the future.

In addition to iOS, Apple will discuss macos in a presentation. A number of engineers and executives will certainly be present to bring a 'surprise' about the major updates of both operating systems. Apple has also spread WWDC 2017 invitations to a number of parties in private. The major theme raised this time is the development of ideas and user experiences along with technology.

Technology alone is not enough, it must coexist with elements of cultural and humanitarian knowledge, in order to create new ideas and experiences that can maximize the potential of society, "writes Apple in the invitation of WWDC. 

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