You Can Be Super Saiyan Blue with Dragon Quest XI Latest Features

Dragon Quest XI
Square Enix lately is open about the Dragon Quest XI feature. This time they reveal a unique feature that makes your character stronger in the fight. The feature is called "Zone." If you remember, previously in Dragon Quest VIII, this similar feature is named "Tension" and "Super High Tension."

You could say this feature is similar to the ability of Super Saiyan Blue owned by Goku and Vegeta from Dragon Ball Super series. Yep, Under certain circumstances, your character will emit a bright blue aura with the same pose as Goku and Vegeta. That's called Zone, which will enhance your character's combat skills.

When entering the Zone, your character will be in the most perfect concentration position to fight, increasing their power temporarily. The characteristic of entering a Zone is a booming aura of blue. To enter this additional capability, a character must sufficiently receive an attack from the enemy. 

The effect of the Zone will move some time in a battle. If in a battle the effect of Zone is still active, then the character in this Zone condition will continue in the next battle. But you must pay attention first, all the monsters that you oppose can enter this Zone status! They too will become much stronger.

If the protagonist enters Zone status, he or she is able to work with other or more party members to perform another new feature called "Co-op Skill." This combined ability will result in a very powerful type of attack, much stronger than any character's personal ability.

Some types of attack ability is also dependent on the spell, abilities, and how many members of members who enter the state of the Zone.

Some Co-op Skill that has been confirmed will appear: Falcon Dance is a blow of light sword from the protagonist and Camus. Rose Hurricane is a pink tornado type of pink breeze from the combined jutsu of the protagonist, Sylvia, and Rou. As well as Giga Burst is a light attack generated by the combined power of all party members.

Dragon Quest XI will soon be released in Japan on 29 July 2017 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS. This game will also be released also for the Nintendo Switch.

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