4G Not Equal, 3G Smartphone Market Believed to Still There

4G Not Equal, 3G Smartphone Market Believed to Still There
Although operators increasingly aggressively campaigning for the use of 4G services to the public, it turns out there are some vendors who still provide new smartphones that support 3G, not 4G yet.

As performed by Lenovo Mobile Business Group (MBG) which just released Moto C with two variants, namely that supports 3G and also 4G. According to Lenovo's decision to provide 3G phones is not without reason.

4P Manager Mobile Business Group Lenovo Indonesia, Anvid Erdian, said that 4G services are mostly still in big cities such as district capitals, not yet to the regions. So the people there can not taste this fourth generation network.

"We see that 4G is rampant by the government or our kayak vendors, even the operator has seen its coverage reaching the small town and consumers are getting educated, but we see this year is still a lot of areas, at one point two not yet available 4G" Anvid.

Seeing these conditions, the Lenovo believe that the 3G market is still alive, at least for the year 2017. It was decided that Lenovo released Moto C which still supports 3G services.

"So, it's a 3G opportunity is still there, so we remove the 3G phone.In this year we see 3G there is still a chance, with 3G consumers can still for internet, social media, browsing, if the cities are available 4G but when in. To another point that could be 3G, it only drain the battery alone, Therefore, we release Moto C, "he said.

On the same occasion, Lenovo MBG Country Lead Adrie R. Suhadi, said it is more focused to bring people who used the feature phone to switch to a smartphone without having to jump to 4G.

"More choice to consumers who are not ready to 4G can select 3G first.In addition to areas that have not covered 4G, so targeted to change from feature phones to the smartphone first by trying 3G," said Ardie.

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