7 Sophisticated Things That Can Be Used In Smartphones

Currently the role of smartphone has become an important part in human life. It's difficult if we have to stop using it because its function can help the job as well as a means of entertainment.

The things most people do with their smartphones today are communicating with distant relatives, watching videos, listening to music, playing games, and other common things.

What are the important functions that so far users rarely do with their smartphone devices. Curious? Let's look at the following.

1. Controlling Financial Condition

7 Sophisticated Things That Can Be Used In Smartphones
Often owed? Or salary always runs out but do not feel shopping anything? Try to use your smartphone to check the financial condition in the future. From now on always record every money we spend on a smartphone so we can easily check it.

Especially now that there are various applications that functioned to record revenue and expenditure, so we do not have to bother having to record them one by one manually. Choose a full-featured app and be able to monitor your financial condition every month or choose according to the features you need. Try using a financial management application like Money Control or Money Lover.

2. As Medical-Check Up Tool

7 Sophisticated Things That Can Be Used In Smartphones
Did you know if a smartphone can actually be used to detect heart conditions? Yes, now. With the help of flash and camera on the smartphone, now we can detect the condition of a person's heart. The way is quite easy, use the Instant Heart Rate application to do it, just stick one of the fingers above the flash or camera and wait for the results. You will be amazed at the results given.

3. Leak Detector

7 Sophisticated Things That Can Be Used In Smartphones
Have you ever bothered with a leaky roof or leaky westafle and confused to find the source where it leaked? Do not worry, now with your handheld smartphone now, we can detect the source of the leak.

The trick is easy, we can change the function of our smartphone into a detector tool by using an additional device that is FLIR ONE Thermal Camera. With these devices we can see if there is a crack or hole through the visualization of the smartphone screen.

4. Barcode Scanner and QR Reader

7 Sophisticated Things That Can Be Used In Smartphones
If you've been shopping in a mini market or supermarket then you will often see a barcode scanner tool to check the price of our groceries. Well, if you are curious about the tool try to make your smartphone into a barcode scanner.

How to use Barcode Scanner application then point the smartphone camera to barcode number to one of the goods you buy and directly you will be able to see detailed information of the goods. Please try now, you can also use QR & Barcode Scanner application to do it.

5. Translator

7 Sophisticated Things That Can Be Used In Smartphones
Worry if you want to travel far to a country that has a unique character and language. Do not worry, use your smartphone to translate it, simply by pointing the camera to a certain post and your smartphone will automatically translate it to the language we want. Use the Camera Translator app to do so.

6. Voice Recorder

7 Sophisticated Things That Can Be Used In Smartphones
Just confess if you guys rarely maximize the use of voice recorder in the smartphone. Basically smartphones have internal Mic is quite good, but if you want to improve it again you can use additional applications such as WO Mic so that the resulting sound quality.

7. Remote Control

7 Sophisticated Things That Can Be Used In Smartphones
You never feel complicated with the many remote at home, for example there are remote for TV, remote air conditioner, fan, and other remote. If yes means you are less utilizing your smartphone device.

Now we can utilize the smartphone that we have a remote control, do not believe it? Try using the Universal Remote Control app to test how your smartphone can perform all the tasks above as a sophisticated universal remote.

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