Amazon Alexa Can Provide You Support For iCloud Calendar And Your Schedule

Amazon Alexa now supports iCloud Calendar, And can enable virtual assistants to check your schedule on Apple services. With these updates, users can ask Alexa what's happening on their calendar, or issue an order so new appointments are added to the schedule.

As reported from The Verge, Amazon said that iCloud calendar has become a key demand feature of customers who wear it, which makes sense. All iPhone and iPad users might create it when setting up their device out of the box.

Anything that will be added from Amazon devices is then synced with iCloud and added again to the Calendar app on iOS and macOS devices.

You can link your iCloud account through the Mobile app Alexa app settings section. Once done, you can ask for your schedule for the day or you can tell Alexa to add a new calendar entry.

With Apple Calendar entry, Alexa device users now have access to five total calendar services, including G Suite accounts, Google / Gmail, Office 365 users with Exchange Online mailboxes, and

So, Alexa is available on various hardware sold by Amazon, including Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Look, and as well as in the Alexa iOS Amazon app. If you want to provide iCloud Calendar integration with Alexa a try, you can enable it today.

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