Amazon Whole Foods Purchased Will Make Changes In The Store Future

Amazon Whole Foods Purchased Will Make Changes In The Store Future
Amazon probably will not build a robo supermarket, but the $ 13.7 billion Whole Foods sales deal from e-retailers strongly suggests that the way we shop and what looks like stores will change drastically, and faster than you think.

Amazon has developed several updates that may someday be launched into high-end shopping chains, such as a shop without a checkout line or cashier, a shipping drone and a gang with barcodes instead of price tags.

Even if Amazon does nothing to change Whole Foods technology, the response that it should encourage more stores to increase their technician's offerings is afraid of lagging.

For customers, that means more digital experiments will come in your local supermarket and superstore, such as Target, Walmart, Krogers and others trying to create a future store before Amazon does it.

For now, Whole Foods and Amazon customers may not expect major changes. The agreement, announced on Friday, is scheduled to close later this year.

Even then, Amazon took pains to point out that Whole Foods will remain its own entity, with CEO John Mackey still leading and living in Austin, Texas. Amazon has also said there are no plans to add checkout technology, without cashiers to Whole Foods.

Changes in stores and the future, possibly Amazon will start using the Whole Foods grocery store as much as the distribution to give the ability to wholesale sales and retail sales online.

Amazon has not been agile to build its AmazonFresh shipping business, but hundreds of Whole Foods places this can help change it.

"This is a change of purpose from where you buy goods to where you buy goods and a smart local warehouse," Arun Sundararajan, a professor at the Stern School of Business of New York University, said of the Whole Foods location.

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