Apple Boss Fear If People Think Like Computers

Apple Boss Fear If People Think Like Computers
Apple boss Tim Cook was a keynote speaker at a major technology campus graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), last Friday.

In his speech at the campus of computer science and technology robot learning leader, Cook talked about aspects of dehumanization and asked MIT graduates to instill in them humanitarian value.

"I'm not worried about artificial intelligence that gives the computer the ability to think like a human," Cook said as quoted by Reuters.

He continued, "I am more worried if people think like computers without considering the value and compassion, regardless of the consequences (of their deeds)."

Speaking in front of thousands of MIT graduates, Tim Cook praised the benefits of new devices and social media. However, he warned that the same technology could pose a threat to privacy. Therefore, Cook says technology must be balanced with human knowledge.

"Technology can do great things, but not great things and other things that take our part," said the eye-glassed man.

Tim Cook spoke at MIT for no more than 15 minutes. Previously, Apple founder Steve Jobs also gave a speech at the MIT graduation ceremony. Jobs then outlined his free thinking and advised that MIT graduates do the work they love.

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