Apple Invites Amazon's Rival to Do Business

Apple Invites Amazon's Rival to Do Business
A thrilling collaboration has taken place between Apple and Amazon. The announcement was broadcast during an Apple technology exhibition event WWDC 2017 on Monday, June 5, 2017.

This deal occurs when Apple TV requires a streaming video service via the internet. He attempted to invite Inc. to accept the offer. Apple realized that competition between distributors in Silicon Valley could reduce its customers.

The reason is strong, Apple only requires good video quality to sell its TV player. Amazon also needs a place to channel their TV shows.

However, the announcement on Monday was just a negotiation, given that by 2015, Amazon stopped Apple TV sales on its retail site.

"Whenever these companies try to freeze each other, consumers always lose," explained an analyst at eMarketer research firm quoted by Reuters.

Both companies declined to comment on how their differences affect consumers. The company said that Amazon will be available on Apple TV by the end of this year, but has yet to find the date.