Apple Mobile Processor Apple Claimed World's Fastest

Apple Mobile Processor Apple Claimed World's Fastest
New Apple released a new iPad Pro-powered A10X Fusion processor. When tested for performance, this mobile processor is claimed as the world's fastest.

At least it's based on test results using Antutu applications. This processor incised a value of 234082. This value beat Snapdragon 835 previously sovereign as the fastest with the value 183277.

The test results also became the first achievement for Apple to penetrate the value above 200000. Previously the highest value ever achieved is 180000.

Previous A10X Fusion processors also scored high on testing using Geekbench. Single core test score 3832, while multi core 9091.

When compared again with Snapdragon 835, Qualcomm's artificial processor that achieved the value of 2059 on single core test. While the multi-core test gets 6461.

To note, A10X Fusion processor has a different architecture with the A10. When A10 is made quad core, A10X Fusion carrying hexa-core.

At the launch of the latest iPad Pro, Apple said the A10X Fusion processor has a 30% faster performance than its predecessor. Similarly, the graphics, called 40% faster than A9X.

If you see the results of testing, what is claimed Apple is quite proven. But what's interesting is Apple's plan that will soon be mentioned will release the latest iPhone with A11 processor.

If A10X alone is fairly impressive, make curious how the performance of A11 processor later.

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