Apple Releases Newest 'Magic Keyboard', What's the Difference?

Apple Releases Newest 'Magic Keyboard', What's the Difference?
Of the many new things at Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2017, there is one brand-new product that is quite intriguing. Namely Magic Keyboard, which is now sold for $ 30 more expensive. What's the difference?

Previously, Apple priced Keyboard at a price of $ 49 to $ 79 and Magic Keyboard previous version for $ 99. But on the latest Magic Keyboard, the price jumped to $ 129, or $ 30 more expensive.

With the increase in price, the keyboard should have more features, or more sophisticated. But the increase was only on numeric buttons that were not previously available on Magic Keyboard.

A, numeric keypad. The number keys are on the right of most keyboards on the market. Indeed, many lines of work make people need this numeric keypad to simplify their work.

This brand-new keyboard is also only available in a cordless variant, and that also makes the selling price soaring. If only Apple provides Magic Keyboard without wireless features, maybe the price will be pressed, as quoted from The Verge.

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