Bixby Voice Comes in Galaxy S8 and S8 Add in US

Bixby Voice Comes in Galaxy S8 and S8 Add in US
Bixby Voice is starting to appear in a number of users in the United States via Galaxy S8 or S8 + phones, especially for those who have signed up for the Bixby Early Access Program that Samsung opened last weekend, as quoted by GSMArena.

For those who did not register for the Initial Access Program when it was opened, it is too late now, as Samsung no longer accepts testers.

For those who happen to have signed up, they are required to open a Galaxy App store and make sure all their Samsung apps are up to date. After that Bixby will change and ask you to set the voice feature by training your voice for it.

Bixby Voice, Siri's virtual assistant or Google Assistant on the phone and can talk to you, is scheduled to come in late May, but it seems too ambitious.

The launch was later reportedly delayed until the end of June.

Seeing the Beta version that is now being released for beta testers, it is expected that the public version will touch the Galaxy S8 later this month or around July.

Bixby is the main thing Samsung announced at its launch event, but the fact that the feature is not ready does not seem to bother a large number of customers, as Samsung Galaxy S8 has proven to be a popular device.