Chinese Authority Close 60 Social Media Accounts of Celebrity Gossip Spread

Chinese Authority Close 60 Social Media Accounts of Celebrity Gossip Spread
Gossip accounts seem to be a trend everywhere with a number of followers are not small. However, Chinese cyber authorities have ordered internet companies to shut down at least 60 accounts of gossip dispensers and celebrity scandals. This was done following a series of crackdowns on the social media account.

In a meeting, authorities asked Chinese internet service providers such as Tencent and Baidu to take steps on the rampant number of accounts spreading celebrity gossip.

"The website should adopt effective measures to keep an eye on the issues of celebrity scandals, celebrity shopping, and negative news favored by the public," the Beijing Cyberspace Administration uploaded as quoted by Reuters.

Additionally, internet service providers are also asked to actively propagate core values and create a healthy environment for society.

Last May, Beijing Cyberspace Admnistration has issued regulations for online news portals and network providers to restrict content. In addition, they require that all services be regulated by the party's editorial staff.

Social media, blogs, and business sites that often make reports about the scandals and personal lives of celebrities are very popular in China.

Therefore, in meetings with internet service providers the authority confirms, Cyber security law that took effect since June 1st requires websites not to endanger the reputation or privacy of individuals.

Internet companies are also required to collect and record data on various sites or accounts that violate the cyber security rules and then report them to authorized authorities. At least 60 social media accounts containing gossip are closed because of this.

Because of this also, fans of the closed social media account voiced outrage in social media. They accuse the government of failing to understand young people.

"Now the celebrities in the entertainment world will be brave and shamelessly running their dishonest businesses, because the media that monitor their behavior has been shut down," said a Weibo user linked to the closing of the number one paparazzi page in China, Zhou Wei, who is rumored to have more Of 7 million followers.

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