Cisco Announces New Generation Network Solutions for Enterprise

Cisco Announces New Generation Network Solutions for Enterprise
Cisco announced solutions in enterprise network technology to address the increasing connectivity and distribution challenges of technology. The results of Cisco's research and development over the years can manage up to hundreds of devices, even expected to manage 1 million devices by 2020.

"Networking is becoming a very decisive part of business success, but in the end it is also a heavy burden," said Chuck Robbins, Cisco Chief Executive Officer. "By building a more intuitive network, we are creating smarter platforms with unparalleled security now and in the future can drive business progress and create new opportunities for businesses and organizations everywhere."

Cisco's approach creates an intuitive system with the ability to constantly learn, adapt, automate and protect, and optimize network operations and defend itself from evolving threat landscapes.

"Cisco's Encrypted Traffic Analytics (ETA) can address network security challenges previously considered insoluble," said David Goeckeler, senior vice president and general manager for networking and security.

So far, 75 of leading global companies and organizations have run the initial trials of Cisco's next generation networking solutions, including DB Systel GmbH, Jade University of Applied Sciences, NASA, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., Scentsy, UZ Leuven and Wipro.

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