Compete Uber, Waymo Make Autonomous Trucks

Compete Uber, Waymo Make Autonomous Trucks
Apparently Waymo really did not want to miss Uber, after they were seen testing his autonomous car technology in the truck.

Waymo, who broke away from Google's parent company Alphabet, did this test a year after Uber acquired Otto, an autonomous truck startup. After the acquisition, Uber tested its automotive truck service immediately.

Before Waymo admitted he was testing the autonomous truck, the photo of Waymo's truck was circulating in cyberspace. And in his official statement, Waymo said they were testing what if autonomous car technology was integrated into the truck.

"Security is the focus of expanding into the sector, with the goal of reducing the thousands of deaths annually associated with truck accidents," said Waymo's spokesman, as reported by The Verge.

Currently Waymo recognizes that only one of their trucks is paved, and that is still driven by a driver to mine data off the street. While Uber on the other hand has started running troops first autonomous truck in August.

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