Confused Search Emoticons? Simply Images on Google Keyboard

Confused Search Emoticons? Simply Images on Google Keyboard
Google just added a number of feature enhancements to the Google Keyboard or Gboard app. Some of these are features in word prediction and emoticon search.

Reported by Tech Radar, users no longer need to tamper with the
emoticon column. Now emoticon can be searched by drawing it in the Gboard column located above the keyboard. This feature is included to reduce emoticon search time.

In addition, Gboard updates also include improved word prediction features for English.

For example, when you write "looking forward", the predictions of the words that will appear are "to it" and "to seeing". You will type faster faster replies.

Armed with Google's search technology, Gboard can now be used as a search engine. If you see a column above the keyboard, you just type in the information you're looking for.

Starting from YouTube videos, recipes, directors, to restaurants. According to Google, this feature will save users time when sending instant messages, rather than having to go to the website again.

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