Could Fall, YouTube Users Flood Complaints on Twitter

Could Fall, YouTube Users Flood Complaints on Twitter
Had fallen on Friday or June 16, now YouTube has been accessible again. However, the streaming video service was flooded with user anger through social media Twitter from various countries.

Received reports from DownDector from IBTimes, more than 60% of people can not play videos on YouTube, 27% of people can not access the website and 11% have logging issues.

Many of the users then flocked to Twitter to tweet the complaint, and see if other people are also experiencing the same thing, because they can not listen to music or watch funny videos.

Apparently, this is not the first time YouTube has experienced similar problems, the last time it happened two weeks ago, and in early February. YouTube also did not confirm for this error.

Known before, counted more than 6,000 people reported having problems with the site approximately at 09:00 EDT worldwide.

When the site is inaccessible, it brings up a cartoon of a purple monkey holding a hammer and a long and random numbered message, as well as the words '500 Internal Server Error Message.

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