Do not Underestimate Ransomware Petya, How Infection Is Really Great

Do not Underestimate Ransomware Petya, How Infection Is Really Great
After WannaCry, now Ranomware Petya invade global computer network. This virus began to attack since, Tuesday morning.

As reported by news pages Reuters, has many who become victims. Among them, the oil companies in Russia, the Ukrainian banks, the chocolate factory in Australia, and the container management companies in India.

The network of computer systems is paralyzed. In order to reactivate the company must pay a ransom of US $ 300.

"Cyber attacks can destroy us more easily than physical attacks," says Secure Ideas' digital security firm boss Kevin Johnson.

Like WannaCry, ranomware Petya aka GoldenEye locks access to any data on computers that use the Windows operating system.

According to Johnson, all Windows computers could potentially be infected with Petan ransomware. Including, he said, a computer that has been updated. He explains, the virus goes through WMIC (Windows Management Instrumentation Command Line) and PSEXEs, connecting to the Internet network for Windows.

Ransomware Petya only needs one computer that has administrator access to enter the network. In addition, this virus can also spread through phishing e-mail.

However, according to him, do not expect too much with antivirus update though. Therefore, Petya ransomware will always change itself to avoid detection. "The important thing is always backup your data," says Johnson.

In these two days, in social media Twitter many people are uploading photos of their infected computers.

The text the hacker says goes, "If you see this, your file is no longer accessible, but do not waste your time recovering files because nothing can do but us."

One of Petya's ransomware victims is Russia's oil refinery company, Rosneft. "We were attacked two hours ago, we had to shut down all the computers to keep the virus from spreading," said Kyivenergo Power Company interpreter. "We are waiting for permission from the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) to reactivate it."

There are reports that hackers also attacked the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) and Oschabank using Petya. In addition, there is also a giant company in the world who reportedly attacked Petya. Also, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

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