Drone Flying Zone Launched in Malawi

Drone Flying Zone Launched in Malawi
Malawi became the first country to have a fly zones in Africa to test drones or unmanned aircraft.

The opening of air corridors drone was done for humanitarian missions training alongside the UN agency for children. Fly it zone called Aerodrome Area Kasungu in Malawi center will be operated through 2017.

Many universities and partners can access the location.

"With drones we can fly to areas affected by HIV disease and see clearly the conditions on the ground that are cheaper and present better resolution than satellite imagery," said Malawi's Unicef Representative Johannes Wedenig.

The Malawi Civil Aviation Authority permits the use of drones in the airspace on certain conditions. Requirements such as distance drone fly only 80 km, and a maximum height of 400 meters above the ground.

Previously, Rwanda had launched commercial drone shipments last year. It is only used for medical delivery only.

The project works with a US company Zipline. With drones, food delivery is easier and cheaper.

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