Entrance Plane No Need "Boarding Pass", Stay Face Photos

Entrance Plane No Need "Boarding Pass", Stay Face Photos
The face recognition technology will be used instead of boarding passes. The American airline JetBlue became the first to apply it.

Quoted from Mashable, JetBlue announced that they are currently working with US Immigration (U.S. Custom and Border Protection).

For trials, JetBlue applies this boarding pass replacement face technology on flights between Boston - Aruba, at Logan International Airport and Queen Beatrix International Airport.

This face scanner will work when passengers lined up in the plane. Photos will then be matched with passports.

"We are trying to reduce the complexity of the airport, the boarding process is one that is difficult to solve," said Joanna Geraghty, Executive Vice President of Customer Experience JetBlue.

"Self boarding removes scanning boarding pass and manual passport checking, just look at the camera and you can get started," added Geraghty.

The procedure will not only apply to foreign passengers only, but also to US citizens.

In addition to JetBlue, another US airline that uses face recognition technology is Delta Air Lines. However, Delta uses this face scanner for baggage handling.

Passengers who want to enter luggage are required to print a tag on the Delta check-in machine before putting the trunk on the machine that will match passport and photo using face verification.

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