Facebook and Twitter Commit to Fight Terrorism

Facebook and Twitter Commit to Fight Terrorism
Facebook said it would make its social media into a clean platform of terrorism. This statement was issued after a terrorism attack in London that caused 7 people died.

Sunday local time, the social network led by Mark Zuckerberg said it joined the condemnation of attacks that occurred in London.

"We want Facebook to be a hostile environment for terrorists," said Facebook Policy Director Simon Milner as quoted by Reuters.

He said, with a combination of technology and human reviews, Facebook works hard to remove terrorism-related content as soon as possible.

"If we know of an emergency that could potentially endanger someone's safety, we will notify law enforcement," Milner said.

Not only Facebook, due to terrorism that attacked Britain some time before, British Prime Minister Theresa May asked the internet company to be more responsible for various content in its services.

In addition to Facebook, social networking microblogging Twitter also made a similar effort to stop the spread of deliberate effortextremism on its services.

"Terrorist content has no place on Twitter," said Head of Publick Policy Twitter UK Nick Pickles.

In a statement, Pickles stated in the second half of 2016, Twitter has removed at least 400 thousand accounts. "We continue to increase the use of technology as a systematic approach to removing radical content," Pickles said.

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