Fear Robots Will Take Over Human Works That Are Wrong

Fear Robots Will Take Over Human Works That Are Wrong
In recent years, many analysts who predict robots or automation systems supported by artificial intelligence will take over human jobs. But the prediction was denied by a venture capitalist Marc Andreessen.

According to him, this kind of fear has actually been happening for a long time. "This kind of panic happens every 25 to 50 years, but nothing really happens," he said as quoted by CNBC.

Andreessen, who helped develop Netscape, said the robotic obsession would replace humans has occurred since 100 years ago. At that time, people feared the presence of the so-called car would replace human labor.

But it turns out the car industry has now become one of the areas with the most human workers. Not only that, as the growth of an increasingly large car to encourage the development of new jobs in the field of road construction.

The same thing also applies to the development of autonomos cars. In addition to being said to offer a safer driving experience, there is the possibility that the technology can actually increase productivity but not yet know in what form.

He also did not dismiss now has been a big investment of a number of technology companies in the field of artificial intelligence. However, not entirely persisted, only companies offering transformation can compete.

The issue of robots that can replace human roles in work has long been predicted. In the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum, a number of company officials have even discussed this issue.

"Jobs (for humans) will disappear, jobs will change and these changes will last forever, not know the class, and have an impact for everyone," said Hewlett Packard Enterprise CEO Meg Whitman at the time.

A number of studies also predict robots and artificial intelligence will soon take over the work of humans. The University of Oxford study in 2013 estimates that half the jobs in the United States are threatened by the existence of machines.

While Forrester Research counts at least in 2019, a quarter of jobs will be replaced with robot software, physical robots, and autonomous systems. By 2025, most jobs will be replaced with models that have never existed before.

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