Galaxy Note 8 Cancel Bring Fingerprint Feature on Screen

Galaxy Note 8 Cancel Bring Fingerprint Feature on Screen
Had circulated the news that Samsung will present a fingerprint sensor that integrates with the screen in the Galaxy Note 8. However it is not realized.

The use of fingerprint that integrates with the screen originally mentioned will be brought on the Galaxy S8. But near the launching seconds, Samsung decided not so because it is not perfect.

Then hope to move to the Galaxy Note 8. Especially when viewed in the photo leak view Galaxy Note 8, do not see any fingerprint sensor on the back like the Galaxy S8.

But the latest report later aborted it. Samsung employees have ensured it does not bring fingerprint technology that integrates on the screen on the successor to the Galaxy Note 7.

"We have worked hard to integrate the fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy Note 8 screen. But we have to decide not to do it because of technical constraints and security," he said as reported by Phone Arena.

The South Korean company has made a full effort but the sensor is not as stable as the conventional version. But Samsung is not alone, Apple also failed to apply a similar
technology. They previously also struggled to integrate fingerprint sensors that converge on the screen on the latest iPhone.

Although it has not brought its fingerprint innovation on the Galaxy Note 8, Samsung seems to have not given up so continue to develop it. In collaboration with CrucialTec which is the world's largest biometric manufacturing, Samsung continues to realize integrated fingerprint technology with screens.

Galaxy Note 8 itself reportedly will be launched before the 2017 IFA event was held. Based on the leak, the design is similar to Galaxy S8 but the screen size is much larger, ie 6.3 inch. This phone is also mentioned carrying a double camera on the back.