Galaxy S8 Pirates of the Caribbean Edition Released, Its Price?

Having leaked circulation, Galaxy S8 special edition Pirates of the Caribbean officially released. How much it costs?

Specifically there is no difference from the regular version. Samsung just give nuance fifth movie Jack Sparrow that has aired some time ago.

Vendors from South Korea that presents a special packaging that is designed like a treasure box. At the top is a picture of a pirate skull like in Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge.

When the box is opened, there is a standard version of Galaxy S8, a ring holder and a Pirates of the Caribbean theme. When the phone is turned on, Jack Sparrow will directly greet the theme presented specifically by Samsung.

Galaxy S8 Pirates of the Caribbean edition has started to be sold online through site. It is not known whether Samsung will sell it outside of China. But mirrored from before, they often market a series of special edition Galaxy S globally.

Speaking of price, Galaxy S8 Pirates of the Caribbean edition sells starting at 5,988 yuan. There are two choices of RAM, which is 4 GB and 6 GB.

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