Government Do not Just Set Transportation Tariff Online Only

The Ministry of Transportation will create new tariff rules for online taxis. But in determining the amount, the government asked to be careful.

This is stated by the Director of AlphaBeta, Fraser Thompson. He said in a number of countries, online transport services are not regulated, but more on behavior.

"So it is good for the government to be careful, not to set the tariff reducing the demand from the community," said Fraser at the exposure of AlphaBeta research results related to the impact of the joint transportation that took place in Jakarta.

Encountered in the same place, the Presidium of the Indonesian Center for Transportation Society, Muslich Zainal Asikin, said he was less likely to agree if the government set top and bottom rates for online taxis. It's good if the tariff is left to the market.

Muslich also asked the government to re-deregulate on conventional transportation. Do not just transport online that is laid out, he said.

"If you want to create a new equilibrium, it's better not only online, conventional taxi rules must also be reset," said Muslich.

There are also what he thought was changed for example the deposit system. So that will reduce the burden of the driver and improve their welfare.

"Made like a taxi online only and the government should keep an eye on it," said the man from Yogyakarta.

Other proposals the government provides a number of incentives to conventional taxis. For example, by taxis when entering the expressway.

Instead, the government can cross-subsidize by raising toll rates for private vehicles. Not to mention the government was asked to further facilitate the taxi drivers or public transportation.

"The management of SIM A for drivers of public vehicles should be simplified or even free, so do not make it difficult for those who want to work as taxi drivers or public transportation," he concluded.

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