GrabNow, New Feature for Calling Grab Driver On

GrabNow, New Feature for Calling Grab Driver On
One of the things that are often encountered when using an online motorcycle taxi application is that passengers must book motorcycle taxi through the application even though nearby there are on-going motorcycle taxis.

Knowing this, Grab as an online transport platform provider has its own solution. At the 5th anniversary celebration in Singapore on Tuesday (6/6/2017), Grab answered it by introducing its newest feature, GrabNow.

GrabNow, launched for GrabBike users, allows users to book overseas Grab motorcycles nearby, without having to place an order through the app.

Grab's Head of Product, Jerald Singh explains that one of the biggest problems in Jakarta is the large number of online motorcycle taxis drivers, whereas the demand for passengers is high.

"Taking a motorcycle taxi (bike hailing) is a local Indonesian custom that we apply in this GrabNow feature," Singh said. According to him, Grab Now can lower the number of cancellations or rejection of passengers.

He also revealed the reason this new feature applied in Jakarta. According to him, online motorcycle taxi users in Indonesia is the fastest and largest growth. If successful, this new feature can be applied in other cities or countries.

Here's how to use GrabNow, passengers enter the destination in the app, then approached the nearest online motorcycle taxi. After that, passengers and drivers can match (pairing) their smartphones, so that trips can be booked into the Grab application.

Tested from today, though still only for limited users, GrabNow payments can be made with GrabPay or cash.

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