Here It Is New Features To Come On LINE 2017

This New Line of Line Line in 2017
Line, Japan's instant messaging service provider, is determined to continue to provide an accessible and fun way of communication. For that, Line will add a row of new features to the chat application homemade.

This new line of additional features is revealed at the 2017 Line Conference in Tokyo, Japan, on Thursday (07/15/2017). These new features are in line with one of Line's three visions for the next five years, videolized (all things related to video or photos).

Senior Manager of Line Planning, Ayumi Inagaki explains, although the Line application has grown with various additional services, their cores remain communications. Therefore, a series of new features that Line released remain rooted in these values.

"Our direction has not changed, which is making communication comfortable, accessible, and fun," Inagaki said on stage.

One of the new features in the Line app is Timeline Stories. This one feature has similar capabilities to Instagram Stories.

"Users can share video and live streaming on their timelines, making communication easier," Inagaki said.

Updates are also provided for the built-in camera in Line Talk. The camera in the Talk Line will be added filter effects, self timer, and resize the file before it is sent.

There is also a Slideshow feature. With this feature, Line Talk users can create slideshows with photos, videos, which can be played by the recipient, with music accompaniment.

The ability to stream live video (live) with friends will also be present. This one feature is named Chat Live.

The difference between Live Chat Line and other streaming services, according to Inagaki, if the other is bidireksional (both have to open the application), the Chat Live Line this time is unidireksional.

"One person can broadcast to many friends," Inagaki said.

Furthermore, there will be App Planning Event features. This feature can be made to plan certain activities with friends, such as reunions or birthday parties. Thus, unlike in WhatsApp, the user sometimes has to create a new conversation group.

Playing games through the conversation app will also be possible. Users can invite friends to play and compete score in the timeline of the conversation.

All the above features will be released in 2017 this gradually. However, it is known whether all countries will get the update or not.