Huawei Releases Laptop Matebook X, For Sale From $ 1580

Huawei Releases Laptop Matebook X, For Sale From $ 1580
Huawei presents the latest series of laptops and tablets, Matebook X and Matebook E. Both targeting female users and users who have high mobility.

COO Huawei, Wan Biao stated, the latest Matebook laptops series is present as a product that carries the concept of high fashion, high technology, and high performance.

"Laptop that is used by many people is now difficult to carry, but must be taken everywhere.If using a laptop with high fashion concept, its performance is not very good," said Wan Biao at CES Asia 2017 event in Shanghai, China, Wednesday (7/6) / 2017).

He said, Matebook X has a similar size A4 paper. This laptop weighs 1.05 pounds so comfortable when taken to everywhere. The design was lightweight as it was the material of almunium.

To add experience to users, Huawei brings a very thin frame or frame of the monitor. In order to provide user reference options, Matebook comes in three color choices, namely gray, gold, and rose pink.

Battery endurance was high, ie almost 17 hours. "You can watch 4 Harry Potter movies endlessly 12 hours of battery life, perfect for you who travel a lot," said Wan Biao.

Another feature is the Matebook X comes without a fan. With space-alias technology aka space technology, Wan Biao said there should be no problem with the heat generated.

In addition, this laptop comes with dual wifi system. For audio, Hauwei Matebook X comes with Dolby Atmos system, claimed to be the first laptop with this technology.

The Matebook E is a MateBook series tablet with the same color choices as Matebook X. The features are similar, with tablets that can be separated with the keyboard.

"Matebook E is a lightweight tablet with a keyboard that weighs only 600 grams with maximum performance," explained Wan Biao.

Huawei Matebook X laptops sold with the official price of $ 1580 for specifications Intel Core i5, 8 GB RAM, and 256 GB SSD. While E tablet E tablet sold from $ 1129.