Instagram Start Set Auto-Comment Block

Instagram Start Set Auto-Comment Block
Social media becomes a fertile ground for its users to spread offensive comments in other user accounts or public figures. This also triggered the concerns of community members, including Instagram.

Realizing this, Instagram launches a new feature, allowing users to block offending comments automatically. This filter can be enabled on upload and live video.

Not only offensive, this filter is also able to block comments that contain elements of violence. Along with these filters, Instagram also introduces filters for comments unrelated to content or spam.

Both filters are supported by the learning engine, explaining why Instagram does not specify the criteria that make the sentence an offensive comment. The filter initially only supports English.

Instagram is working to expand its ability to spam filters with the support of eight other languages - Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, French, German, Russian, Japanese and Chinese.

Instagram also mentions that the algorithm used on the technology in this filter will improve over time. Instagram asks the user to be a little patient if the filter is not as good as expected at the beginning of its presence. The filter can also be enabled and disabled manually through the application settings.

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