Intel Made the Green Research Center $ 178 Million

Intel Made the Green Research Center $ 178 million
Intel announced plans to expand its research and development center in India with a sophisticated hub to be located in Bengaluru.

Previously, Intel also has the largest research and development facilities outside the US in India. Since 1999, Intel has invested about US $ 4.5 billion in India.

And for this new facility, Intel will allocate US $ 178 million, which will be used to build a smart and green building, aka energy-efficient and will use the internet of things as the core of the building.

"Intel India has a very strategic role in Intel's growth, with a significant contribution to Intel technology," said GM Intel India Nivruti Rai, as reported by Venture Beat.

The building will be located on the Intel campus at Sarjapur Ring Road located in the city of Karnataka. The building will have an area of 620 thousand square foot, and will be used to design and verify the chip.

But the most interesting thing would be Intel's promise to use renewable energy in the building, as well as the application of smart building technology, to ensure no energy is wasted when nobody is inside the building.

In addition to Intel, India is also home to several other technology companies to build their research and development centers or other investments. Companies that include Apple, Amazon and Google.