iPhone 5 Does Not Belong to iOS 11

iPhone 5 Does Not Belong to iOS 11
Each Apple brings in new iOS, there are devices that do not get the update. This year is certain iPhone 5 to be one who missed the iOS 11.

In addition to iPhone 5, iPhone 5C and fourth generation iPad also suffered the same fate. But it is actually reasonable, because these three devices have been released quite a long time.

To note the iPhone 5 and fourth generation iPad released 5 years ago, while the iPhone 5C 4 years ago. So the specification is quite left behind from the other brother.

But actually that's not the main reason. All three are the last devices that use 32-bit processors. While Apple itself increasingly focus on 64-bit.

The company besutan Steve Jobs was even known to have thrown 32-bit applications from the application store. Apple has also been warned several times to developers to start replacing applications from 32-bit to 64-bit.

So it can be said there is no update of iOS 11 on iPhone 5, 5S and fourth generation iPad as a way of 'forcing' users to switch to 64-bit architecture.

So which devices get iOS 11? Apple ensures the iPhone 5S device and on it will get this update.

For the line of tablets, iOS 11 will be visited all series iPad Air and iPad Pro. Besides the 5th generation iPad, iPad mini 2 and above it will certainly get the update. Do not miss the iPod Touch 6th generation.

IOS 11 developer preview version began shipping Apple on June 6th. While Public Beta version will be available late June. The new final version can only be enjoyed next September.

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