Is OnePlus 5 Reduce "Benchmark"?

Is OnePlus 5 Reduce "Benchmark"?
Associated with computer vendors or gadgets that try to cheat benchmarks in order to get a high score may not be a new thing. But for this time, accused of manipulation is OnePlus, a smartphone vendor from Shenzhen, China.

XDA Developers found that OnePlus 5, the latest smartphone introduced by OnePlus this week using the cheat technique, which is clockspeed manipulation.

More details, when knowing there is a benchmark that is running, OnePlus 5 then directly do the cluster locking CPU "little" on Snapdragon 835 chip that used so that has the highest speed, that is 1.9 GHz.

Originally, the clock speed cluster that has four power efficient CPU cores is supposed to work fluctuating according to the weight of the task at hand, rather than being constantly in the top position.

As a result, the OnePlus manipulation step is not exactly in line with the real-world smartphone situation. Scores displayed benchmarks were then seen not reprsentatif with the device in question.

The cheats made by OnePlus are most visible on the multi-core CPU test scores that look higher than the original, while for the single core test it seems there is no significant difference.

OnePlus 5 is known to cheat some benchmark software such as AnTuTu, Quadrant, Vellamo, and Geekbench.

Side effects arising from cheating by OnePlus 5 are the occurrence of rising temperatures. Notes obtained from XDA Developers show if the rise in cell phone back temperature can reach about 50 degrees Celsius while running a GPU test.

OnePlus does not seem to participate in the Snapdragon graphics processing unit (GPU) on this phone, but the locking of the CPU cluster that it does also affects this part with increasing overall heat.

Cheating done on the benchmark site is usually done to make a device look better and faster for performance affairs in the review. So things like this do need to be considered by smartphone consumers, especially those who are often interested in a product after seeing the score in the benchmark.

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