Kaspersky Say Microsoft Monopoly Europe

Kaspersky Say Microsoft Monopoly Europe
Kaspersky filed an antitrust or monopoly lawsuit against Microsoft at the European Commission and the Federal Office of the German Cartel.

According to Kaspersky, Microsoft abuses its dominance in the PC operating system, with some kind of blocking the presence of third-party security software in its OS. How to combine antivirus software innate Windows - Defender - in every Windows operating system.

According to Microsoft, antivirus software integrated with Windows is useful to protect users. But according to Kaspersky, it goes into a monopoly action, as quoted by Reuters.

"Microsoft's main goal is to protect its users, we are confident that these security features are in compliance with anti-monopoly laws and we will answer all questions from regulators that may be submitted," Microsoft wrote in a statement.

This lawsuit was registered by Kaspersky after they failed to reach an agreement with Microsoft in a negotiation that had previously occurred. According to Kaspersky, Microsoft's action is also detrimental to the users.

"(They) provide a low level of protection for users, restrictions on their right to vote and financial loss for both users and security solutions companies," the Moscow-based company said.

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