KeyOne BlackBerry Keyboard Prone to Release

KeyOne BlackBerry Keyboard Prone to Release
KeyOne is BlackBerry's latest Android smartphone made in partnership with TCL Communications, a Chinese manufacturer.

Later, devices equipped with a QWERTY keyboard on the underside of this screen attracted attention through a video published by the famous YouTube channel JerryRigEverything.

The video shows a durability test against Keyone. The problem occurs when the device is bent. The screen was prone to loose because it is not glued to the body.

TCL Communications responds immediately to the video. Apparently it is true that the KeyOne screen is problematic, but the percentage is small, according to TCL.

"Of the thousands of BlackBerry KeyOne devices that have been shipped and sold globally, only a handful of owners have reported this problem," said TCL in an explanation summarized by CrackBerry.

Improper KeyOne owners are encouraged to contact the BlackBerry for a replacement unit. Meanwhile, TCL investigates this issue and looks for solutions to related issues.

"We are currently evaluating additional adhesives that can strengthen and eliminate the possibility of screen separation," TCL added.