Lenovo Announces Folded Laptop Screen Concept

Lenovo Announces Folded Laptop Screen Concept
It's no secret that technology companies such as Samsung and LG are so interested in gush electronic devices and smartphones with a screen that can be folded or bent.

In fact, Samsung is reportedly approaching the release date of smartphones whose screen can be bent. But apparently this company is still not ready to present a gadget with a screen that can be bent.

Citing page Ubergizmo, last year Lenovo also revealed a little leak about their concept smartphone whose screen can be bent, even can be looped on the wrist. Not enough there, in a recent pickle in New York, Lenovo leaked back about the PC screen that can be bent or folded.

This foldable PC screen resembles a laptop that can be folded similar to a piece of paper. In the picture, the laptop can also be placed in the user's bag.

Unfortunately, not yet known clearly, how the difference this gadget with most laptops that exist today. Both are equally portable. Could this PC that can be folded in shape can be smaller and fit placed in the handbag?

In addition, this form is still a concept. Many things still need to be considered to make the laptop screen that can be folded. One is the battery module, motherboard, and various other components.

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