Microsoft Make Curved Camera Sensor, What For?

Microsoft Make Curved Camera Sensor, What For?
Camera manufacturers such as Canon, Nikon, and Sony are currently busy developing curved censor camera technology (curved sensor). Microsoft was apparently interested in doing the same.

In fact, the software giant is already at the stage of making the camera is equipped with the intended sensor. The captured image is claimed to have a higher resolution than an upscale DSLR camera.

Unlike conventional flat sensors, like the retina behind the human eye, curved sensors follow the shape of the projection field of the lens that is curved naturally.

Camera lens does not need to be made so complicated to correct the projection as necessary if the sensor is flat.

"With curved sensors, optical correction can be done much more efficiently making it easier to manufacture sharp wide-angle lenses throughout the image area, as well as wide-opening lenses that produce better low-light images," said Neel Joshi of the Microsoft research team.

As summarized from PetaPixel, he adds, evenly the level of illumination in the entire frame is easier to manifest by using curved sensors.

Microsoft uses pneumatic pressure to create curved sensors from previously dwarfed CMOS sensors. This process does not change the sensor's electrical or image capture character.

The farther from the midpoint of the frame, usually the captured quality of the flat censored camera will decrease and become less sharp.

But not so with curved sensors. In the fringes of the frame, the image captured curved sensor is 5 times sharper than DSLR, according to a report released by The Optical Society.

Microsoft says it uses a 1 / 2.3 inch sensor in a curved sensor experiment. However, the manufacturing process can also be applied in camera sensors with other sizes, including APS-C.

Despite promising, Microsoft said the camera bersensor warped not to be present in the market in the near future. There is still much development and refinement needed before curved sensors can be mass produced.

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