Microsoft Will Work Back Windows Smartphone?

Microsoft Will Work Back Windows Smartphone?
The sale of Windows Phone devices has almost stopped with a market share of less than 1 percent worldwide. Software company United States, Microsoft, as the initiator of Windows Phone has also sold their mobile division.

But apparently, Microsoft has not given up with smartphones. As quoted from Phone Arena, the company is headquartered in Redmond US is still tempted to become a major player in the smartphone industry.

In fact, according to some people in Microsoft, the company has not really lost interest in Windows Mobile and other hardware that runs the Windows operating system.

According to an unnamed source in the company, Microsoft is currently testing a new smartphone that will run Windows OS.

Mentioned by the source, the user interface (user interface / UI) of the OS running on the smartphone will be completely different from previous Windows Mobile.

Not only that, reportedly Microsoft has also removed support for Silverlight applications in the latest version of Windows Mobile. This is done so that users get the latest experience when using a Windows-based phone.

Neither the device nor the latest version of Windows Mobile is still in the early development stage. That is, Microsoft could cancel the project at any time if they feel the results are not encouraging.

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