Mr Android Prepare Google Glass Competitors?

Mr Android Prepare Google Glass Competitors?
In addition to newer phones and smart home accessories, Mr Andy Rubin Android seems to be preparing a brand-new device that will be a competitor to Google Glass.

This is revealed from a patent registration performed by Essential, which is a smart glasses equipped with a camera and screen, but shaped like a glasses in general, as quoted from The Verge.

In its patent registration, these Essential sunglasses are said to be made in accordance with optical lenses from doctor's prescriptions and various other types of eyeglass lenses.

Then there is a dual mode display feature, which can display the image above the image, also the use of a camera that leads to the eye to detect the movement of the eyeball.

In addition, these glasses can also be used for augmented reality (AR), for example matching the price of a product in a store.  

For example, when a user sees an item in a supermarket, these glasses will scan for existing barcodes, then look for other store options that sell similar items at cheaper prices.

Surely these glasses are still a concept, and maybe even a demo product is there. But seeing the seriousness Essential in working on hardware business, it is not impossible this smart glasses will become a reality.

Rubin himself in an interview with Wired magazine defended Google Glass. According to him teknoloti is not fail because of ugly, but people who are not ready to use such technology.

Why did Rubin lift that up in an interview? It could be because Essential is working on the same technology with Google Glass.

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