NASA Wants to Take a Plane to the Sun, Is it Possible?

NASA Wants to Take a Plane to the Sun, Is it Possible?
NASA will announce its latest mission this week. The mission is one of NASA's toughest programs, because they have to fly the spacecraft to the Sun. The plan, the mission will run in 2018.

As reported by Mirror, the mission named Solar Probe Plus will bring a special spacecraft to fly into the orbit of the Sun. Later, the plane will visit orbit within 4 miles of the surface of the Sun.

In 2018, the US space agency will fly Solar Probe Plus into orbit of Venus. Afterwards, he will continue the journey to Mercury's orbit before going to the orbit of the Sun within seven years.

When approaching orbit, Solar Probe Plus will "dive" the surface layers of the Sun's surface at a speed of 450,000 miles per hour. At this point, he will study ecosystems such as the movement of the Sun storm from subsonic to supersonic.

If it is possible, it will trace the next surface to reveal the origin of the largest solar energy particle in the Solar System.

The main purpose of this mission is to record the traces of the flow of solar energy and understand the heat of the Sun's corona, as well as find out the movement of solar storms in outer space. Solar Probe Plus will certainly also be a major contributor to NASA to provide weather updates to Earth.

Based on a recent study published by the National Academy of Science, the impact of sun - including Hurricane sun - could cause damage to Earth for a total of more than US $ 2 trillion. If the damage continues, the Earth will certainly be threatened.

"Therefore, it is very important to create a warning system to protect the public from the threat of global warming, one of which is using technology to provide weather forecasts directly from outer space," NASA wrote in an official statement.

"Solar Probe Plus will be one of our most historic missions, and we hope that it can be the answer to all human questions about what's in the Sun for the past five decades."

The Solar Probe Plus spacecraft will be protected by materials claimed to be resistant to heat and solar radiation.

The instrument will be protected with carbon-composite material and thermal protection system with 4.5 inch thickness. NASA claims, this material can protect the aircraft while in the orbit of the Sun with a temperature of 1400 degrees Celsius.

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