New Look Galaxy S8 Looks Brighter

New Look Galaxy S8 Looks Brighter
The Galaxy S8's phone series gets a new twist. Samsung called the middle of preparing a new variant with a refreshing look.

Why is it refreshing? Because this new variant does offer the use of refreshing colors when viewed. So when referring to the leak disclosed @ evleaks account, Samsung is mentioned will introduce the Galaxy S8 series coral blue.

Samsung itself can be spelled out is quite kesengsem with coral blue color. Because since its introduction in the Galaxy Note 7 as its distinctive color, Samsung also present in the series Galaxy S7. Now Galaxy S8 also participated.

Unfortunately so far not been discovered when Samsung will release it. But as quoted from Phone Arena, if even so initially Samsung will only be limited marketing in some countries. One of them is United States.

As for other countries the new possibilities will feel a few weeks later.