Newly Launched, Android-Made Mobile Phone Tax Sues Lawsuit

Newly Launched, Android-Made Mobile Phone Tax Sues Lawsuit
Essential smartphones have not even been sold to the public after it was launched recently, but the mobile phone blend of Android Father Andy Rubin has been hit by a lawsuit.

Is Spigen, makers of accessories and mobile phone casing that sued the phone, which mentions that Essential should stop using the brand. The reason Spigen holds the copyright of the brand for a number of consumer class products.

Although the brand is registered Spigen is not a smartphone, but according to them it will cause confusion if later Essential Phone go on sale in the market.

In fact, they also provide evidence that Essential has actually been rejected twice by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) about the registration of the brand.

The reason for the rejection is that the USPTO considers the same two brands to be confusing, as Spigen has used the Essential brand for a number of mobile phone accessories, such as battery packs and more, according to The Verge.

The Spigen legal team asked Essential to stop using Essential before June 15. If the requ
est is not addressed, then Spigen is ready to take tougher legal measures to protect the brand.

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