Niantic Labs Close Gym on Pokemon Go

Niantic Labs Close Gym on Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go developer, Niantic Labs, has just announced it will close the entire Gym in the game. According to Niantic, the closure is temporary and started yesterday. (6/19/2017).

Therefore, Pokemon placed in the gym will be returned to the player for a while. So, what is Niantic's plan by closing the gym?

Quoted from Business Insider, Niantic actually did not reveal the plan behind the decision to close the gym. However, there are a number of analyzes of why the company is closing the gym in the Pokemon Go arena.

One of them is the closure is part of the preparation of Niantic Labs for the latest event which is planned to be held shortly. While other analysts call this method used to overcome cheating on the gym.

According to a Pokemon Go enthusiast, there is new evidence on the Pokemon Go code that reveals Niantic will change the game rules. Through this latest code, players can not put a Pokemon with a type of type in the gym.

This method is used to prevent players put players put two high-level monsters at once with a type of type in one gym.

As information, in some gyms are sometimes found a number of similar Pokemon with a high level. Conditions that make other players often difficult to take over the gym for not able to defeat the monster.

So it's interesting to wait for what Niantic is actually preparing for Pokemon Go. In addition to closing the gym, the company has also announced the presence of anyar event that is currently underway.

The event titled Fire and Ice is held from June 13 to 20, 2017. As the title suggests, players around the world will more often see the ice type Pokemon and fire to be captured.

In addition, this event is also a good place to collect XP. Each time a catch, find a new Pokemon type, and when incubating an egg, players will get an XP bonus.