Nokia 9 Dozens of Times Go Here on the Benchmark Website

Nokia 9 Dozens of Times Go Here on the Benchmark Website
Generally a new phone appears on the benchmark site 2-3 times before it is finally released. Unlike the Nokia 9, counted already dozens of times the test results sticking on the site.

Initially, two weeks ago, a device called HMD Global TA-1004 appeared in the old Geekbench. Believed it is a Nokia 9 phone.

The device has a specification Snapdragon 835 and 4 GB of RAM. Scores achieved quite high, namely 7770.

A week ago, an Unknown Heart encoded device re-enliven Geekbench site. Still carrying Snapdragon 835, it's just 8 GB of RAM capacity.

The appearance of Nokia 9 then continues June 1, 2017. No responsibility for 26 devices appear with the same name, Unknown Heart. The specs listed are the same as they first appeared.

Do not stop there, until Saturday (3/6/2017), Unknown Heart's name again adorn the benchmark's site. Carrying the same specification with a score that is not much different.

With the emergence of this massive certainly increasingly strengthen the presence of Nokia's report 9. Just be a question, when the phone will be launched the HMD.

According to rumors, this flagship phone will be launched late this June or early Q3 2017. In addition to carrying the great kitchen runway, it is said that the screen will be measuring 5.3 inch with QHD resolution. Have a dual camera system with Carl Zeiss technology.

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