Nokia Termination Employees 170 Employees

The Nokia telecommunications network providers decided to terminate the employment of 170 employees in Finland. The company announced on Friday.

As quoted by Reuters, in May 2017, Nokia mentioned that it is preparing for the reduction of about 200 employees of network operations and support divisions.

Currently, the total number of Nokia employees is about 6,100 people in Finland. Meanwhile, the number of Nokia employees around the world as much as 101 thousand.

Last year, the company that has risen in the smartphone business has laid off its 960 employees in Finland.

Not only that, the company also decided to reduce about 1,400 employees in Germany.

This reduction of employees is said to be a planned cost of Nokia cost savings amounting to US$ 1.3 billion. This austerity plan was previously announced in 2016, after it acquired rival Alcatel-Lucent. 

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