Not Snapchat, Feature Who This Time Cheated Facebook?

Not Snapchat, Feature Who This Time Cheated Facebook?
If you are actively using social networking Facebook, of course you already know the newest feature. Yes, you can now display background photos with different color options when you create a status.

However, it turns out that we missed our attention. When you create a status with a color-based photo, you'll know that the written status can not be more than 130 characters.

Apparently, Facebook limits the number of characters whose status appears with a color background. Well, the status with limited characters will certainly remind us of Twitter.

This microblogging network limits tweets to 140 characters only. Although not the same limit the number of characters, Facebook could use the concept to create a status with a short format.

Not just this time Facebook cheats other social media features. Previously, Facebook cheated a short duration video feature, Snapchat's Stories. The feature was cheated Instagram, WhatsApp, to Path.

Snap Inc., Snapchat lube until it has to patent its new feature, the geofilter or location based filter that only appears if the user is in a particular location. For example, festivals or parties.