OnePlus 5 Deliberately Make iPhone 7 Similar?

OnePlus 5 Deliberately Make iPhone 7 Similar?
Along with the emergence of render images OnePlus 5 rendering, there is speculation that the Chinese manufacturer is deliberately making design new mobile phone candidates to look like iPhone 7.

This information was then made a number of fans to throw their disappointment in social media, as well as in some forums. But OnePlus's CEO moved quickly to muffle the disappointment through two opinions on his social media account.

According to Carl Pei, not the first time OnePlus phone facing such thing. When OnePlus 3 was launched some time ago, the same response came from consumers who regarded design as combining HTC 10 and Samsung Galaxy S6.

But the criticism called Carl only appears for a moment, they are called immediately silent when first grasping OnePlus 3 at that time.

"Does anyone still remember the commotion regarding the design of OnePlus 3 before it launches? It stops once people get the device," chirped Carl on his Twitter account.

As quoted Phone Arena, the reason OnePlus 3 escaped from criticism can not be separated from the design that was not really similar. Although it looks the same, OnePlus 3 has its own appeal. Which is what makes consumers forget the resemblance and comfortable to use it.

On that basis, Carl then quite sure the criticism of OnePlus 5 is spelled out too similar to the iPhone 7 will be immediately answered when consumers feel it directly.

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