OnePlus Boss To Show Off OnePlus 5 Snapshot

OnePlus Boss To Show Off OnePlus 5 Snapshot
Approaching the time of the launch of OnePlus 5, more and more leaks about the latest mobile phone OnePlus. Now in circulation is the result of shooting his camera in the dark.

The leak was none other than OnePlus CEO Peter Lau. As OnePlus boss, Lau could certainly just try out the latest phone output of his company. And in the test, Lau photographed a building with a background of the sky at night.

From the shots, seen if the camera OnePlus 5 can produce good detail even in the dark. But it can not be denied if there is still noise generated, especially in the dark sky.

OnePlus Boss To Show Off OnePlus 5 Snapshot

This good detail is likely to be derived from the use of two rear cameras on OnePlus 5. The dual camera system applied is a monochrome camera and the only color, which should produce sharper images and better detail.

This is also not the first time Lau leaked information about OnePlus 5. Previously he also once mentioned that the flagship killer phone it will be the thinnest compared to other phones output 2017, as quoted from Phone Arena.

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