Pokemon GO Celebrates First Birthday

Pokemon GO Celebrates First Birthday
It's been a year since Pokemon GO came and launched on the App Store, and until now the game has translucent to 750 million downloads. The company discloses what new information will happen to GO's Pokemon in the next few weeks.

Reporting from Phone Arena, Niantic as game developer Pokemon GO decided to host the Soltice event which will begin June 13th.

During this event the player will meet the Pokemon type of fire and ice with more number.

In addition there will be a huge XP bonus that will be received by those who can throw Poke Balls accurately, while Lucky Eggs supports massive discounts at the store in Pokemon GO games.

Niantic also confirmed that the update will push Pokemon GO on all platforms as soon as the in-game event ends. This update will focus on group collaboration gameplay which will add new ways to play GO Pokemon. Before this update is present, Gyms will be disabled in no time.

At the end of the announcement, Niantic confirmed that the world's first GO Pokémon event will take place in downtown Chicago and Illinois on July 22. And tickets for Pokémon GO Fest Chicago will be available earlier on July 19th.

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