Ransomware WannaCry Disable Honda Factory

Ransomware WannaCry Disable Honda Factory
WannaCry attack apparently still not really over. Last Sunday, the data-carrying ransomware was discovered at Honda's automotive plant in Sayama, Japan.

The next day, the factory producing various car models such as Honda Accord, Odyssey, and Step Wagon with a production capacity of 1,000 units per day that stopped its operations.

Fortunately, the termination did not last long. On Tuesday this week, Honda's factory in Sayama is back in operation, according to a spokesman.

"The handling is imminent, and production in Sayama is back on June 20 in the morning. We have not found any impact yet (from WannaCry attack), "said the spokesman, as summarized from The Inquirer.

Despite attempting to protect his computer system last May when WannaCry attacks broke out around the world, Honda's networks in Japan, North America, Europe, China and other territories apparently participated in WannaCry.

Honda factory that stopped production because WannaCry only located in Sayama. Factories in other locations are not disturbed because of similar cases.

In addition to Honda, other automotive manufacturers, Renault SA and Nissan Motor Co last month also became victims of WannaCry and forced to stop production activities in its factories in several countries.